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Essam Eldin Elfeky

Management consulting
14 recommendations
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    $500 / day
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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  • Google
    September 1998 - Today (25 years and 9 months)
    Menlo Park, CA, USA
    HTML CSS JS Photoshop

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14 recommendations

Stefano Ferrara and 13 other people have recommended Essam Eldin

Stefano FerraraSF
I worked with Essam as part of GBM's strategic engagement with Gartner to help develop their international strategy and offering. Essam is a strategic thinker with great attention to detail, but even more importantly he is very personable and it's a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend Essam as a great professional partner!
John PorterJP
John Porter
Lindenwood University
Although I worked with Essam for only a short time, I have found him to be a man of integrity! I knew that when we spoke he was sincere and had a passion for the work he was doing. I found Essam to be intelligent and thoughtful, and genuine. Not only was he very good in the work that he did, he was easy to get along with. I found it a delight to work with Essam and would recommend him as a consultant in the IT industry--which aligned with the work he and I discussed.
Hany MorcosHM
Hany Morcos
During Essam's tenure at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work under his leadership. Essam is an exceptional individual who possesses a rare talent for driving results in any given situation or role. He effortlessly transitions from strategic planning to flawless execution, demonstrating a profound understanding of both aspects!

What sets Essam apart is his remarkable ability to focus on the most crucial activities that lead to the achievement of objectives. He possesses the unique skill of empowering teams, enabling them to deliver outstanding results.

One of Essam's greatest strengths lies in his talent for rallying and mobilizing teams, leading them to accomplish extraordinary feats. With his extensive and diverse professional background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Essam's intellect, coupled with his unwavering focus, allows him to offer distinctive perspectives and strategic insights. He excels in engaging others and propelling initiatives towards their intended goals.

Furthermore, Essam is highly regarded as a trusted advisor by all customers, thanks to his deep understanding of technology and its associated challenges. He consistently demonstrates creativity in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Essam embodies exceptional leadership qualities and fosters strong relationships. He has been a reliable and supportive mentor, and I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him on a daily basis.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Essam without hesitation. His ability to drive results, empower teams, and provide invaluable insights make him an exceptional leader, colleague, and friend. It has been an absolute pleasure working for Essam.
Nidal KanaanNK
Nidal Kanaan
I am delighted to provide this recommendation for Essam an IT management consultant I have had the privilege of working closely with for the past eight years. During this time, I have witnessed Essam's remarkable growth, unwavering dedication, and expertise in the field. Essam consistently exhibits a high level of professionalism, strategic thinking, and exceptional problem-solving skills. His ability to analyze intricate business scenarios, identify key challenges, and devise effective strategies to drive organizational success is truly outstanding. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and the adaptability to thrive in various business environments, Essam proves to be a valuable asset for any client or organization. One of Essam's greatest assets lies in his strong communication skills. He excels at conveying complex ideas and recommendations in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that stakeholders at all levels of the organization comprehend proposed solutions. Moreover, Essam's exceptional interpersonal skills foster trust and collaboration, enabling him to establish strong client relationships throughout the consulting engagement. Essam's commitment to continuous learning and professional development deserves special recognition. Always eager to expand his knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, he consistently seeks opportunities to enhance his expertise. This blend of theoretical understanding and practical experience enables him to provide well-informed and innovative solutions to his clients. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Essam successfully lead multiple projects, delivering tangible results and making a substantial impact on the organizations he has collaborated with. His exceptional ability to manage teams, delegate responsibilities, and ensure timely achievement of project milestones is truly exceptional. Furthermore, Essam's inspiring leadership style motivates his colleagues to perform at their best, fostering a collaborative and highly productive work environment. Based on my extensive experience working alongside Essam, I wholeheartedly recommend him as an IT consultant. His vast knowledge, exceptional skills, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an outstanding choice for any organization seeking professional consulting services. I have no doubt that Essam will continue to thrive, delivering tremendous value to his clients. Should you require any further information or have specific inquiries regarding Essam's qualifications and abilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Nidal Kanaan
Yasser HassanYH
Yasser Hassan
I wholeheartedly recommend Essam Elfeky based on his exceptional skills, extensive background in technology, and a remarkable track record of successful project delivery. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every endeavor. Having worked closely with him, I have witnessed firsthand his ability to navigate complex technological landscapes with ease. His comprehensive understanding of Cloud technologies, frameworks, and solutions enables him to craft innovative strategies and leverage the full potential of the ecosystem. This, in turn, translates into efficient project execution and tangible outcomes for clients.  Beyond his technical expertise as a professional services director he excels as a leader. He creates an inclusive and collaborative work environment where team members feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best. His effective communication skills enable him to articulate complex concepts clearly, align stakeholders, and build strong relationships with clients. His leadership style fosters teamwork, creativity, and a shared commitment to achieving outstanding results.
Ashwin LalAL
Ashwin Lal
I worked very closely with Essam while I was the Regional Head - Middle East at JMR Infotech (2017-2021). Collaborating with him and GBM was one of the highlights of my stint. Always eager to make things work, Essam saw positives and opportunities that others couldn't. Essam has always been customer focused, obsessed with making the customer succeed. A remarkable team player, Essam kept everyone's spirits up at all times and encouraged them to give their best at all times.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Essam, and wish him great success in the journey ahead. I look forward to new opportunities of working with Essam again.
Dr. Khaled FoudaDK
Eng. Essam is one of the most delightful people I had the pleasure of working for in my career. Not only did he have a unique ability to keep our team organized and on schedule, but his constant communication helped lift our spirits in challenging situations.

His humor and empathy fostered a comforting work environment, and we’ll miss his warming presence. I highly recommend working with Eng. Essam.
Luay IshneiwerLI
Luay Ishneiwer
I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Essam in my role at GBM. I would like to express my gratitude for his leadership in GBM Services throughout our three-year association. Working closely together, I gained invaluable insights into various aspects such as management, teamwork, financials, operations, strategic thinking, business planning, and communication skills. These learnings resulted in significant enhancements in quality and productivity, ultimately contributing to the remarkable achievements of the services department in recent years. Lastly, I would like to extend my appreciation for Essam's professionalism and remarkable personal qualities & highly recommend him for consultancy, strategic & business planning.
Erol KoseogluEK
Erol Koseoglu
SITCONS AG Switzerland
Ivworked with Essam during my consultancy engagement at GBM HQ, designing and implementing the new Target Operating Model and the Managed Services Delivery model to embrace the local GBM‘s and KBM in Kuwait and to gain market share in this business domain. During this 2+ years Essam led the business development st GBM HQ successfully, achieved his target. He s an experienced business developer that I would recommend for business developer and similar roles.

SITCONS AG Switzerland 
Ossama El SamadoniOE
Essam who I had the honor to work with in many assignments during my career; has always been the Go To Person for problem resolution and business advise

Essam, equipped with many methodologies and a mix between proper project management and a deep understanding of management consulting practices and domains has been always an asset to the team able and willing to take the discussions with customers in full understanding of the issues, challenges, change required and a way to execute the aspired change

Essam wide range of assignments and exposures allowed him to play multiple roles in his career

I highly recommend Essam for customers who are willing and able to embrace change or facing challenges on how to manage their business
Ahmad ElharanyAE
Ahmad Elharany
Essam is a leader with vision .. who is able to provide clear strategy and SMART objectives with distinguished ability to motivate and execute the plan.

Very valuable in management consulting where he can combine between his great hands-on experience and his consulting skills/certification to provide best in breed way of consultation that is easy to understand, clear to targets and simple to execute.
Khaled AliKA
Khaled Ali
I had the pleasure of working with Essam as a Professional Development and Resources Manager (PDRM) in the Services department at Microsoft. Essam is an excellent manager who has a wealth of technical expertise and a strong ability to plan and execute projects. He is also a great coach who provides constructive feedback and guidance to his team members. Essam is a valuable asset to any organization and I highly recommend him for any leadership/Consultancy role.
Stefano FornasieroSF
Stefano Fornasiero
I had the privilege of collaborating with Essam, and throughout our extensive discussions on organizational dynamics, business strategies, and key opportunities, he consistently demonstrated a remarkable commitment to thorough research, meticulous analysis, and the ability to generate innovative ideas. Essam's dedication to understanding complex challenges and his skill in rationalizing solutions make him an invaluable asset as a management consultant. I wholeheartedly endorse Essam and confidently recommend his services.
Mohammed SalehMS
Mohammed Saleh
Yes, I am recommending Essam as freelancer for his excellent professional history of managerial/Leadership experiences and practical successful consultancy engagements.

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